In ancient times, most of the habitats had thatched roofs and was temporary in nature. Clay tiles are one of the great inventions humankind has ever made. During those days, tiles for roofing were hand made. By the advent of industrial revolution, the tile manufacturing attained the status of an Industry and use of machines was also introduced during that period.

The first tile factory in Kerala was established in Malabar, more than a century ago. The main production at that time was ordinary roof tiles & flooring tiles. The use of clay tiles has drastically changed ever since. Tiles and terracotta creations are now widely used to decorate the habitat. Tile Industry now is a multi crore industry.

Thrissur is one of the major locations for Tile Industry in India. The clay available in this is far more superior to any other place. This uniqueness alone contributes for better quality products from this area. Many companies from this area is into exporting tiles of various shapes and sizes to many countries outside India